Ally, 22, USA – Chatting with an Orally Fixated Girl

Ally gets strong cravings to have a thick dick shoved deep in her throat. Her reward is a thick creamy load.

Lord Of Loads:hi

Ally: hey

Ally: asl?

Lord Of Loads:m23

Ally: f22

Lord Of Loads:cool, nice to meet you

Ally: nice to meet you too 🙂

Ally: so whats up?

Lord Of Loads:tbh i don’t know many 22 year olds who are able to and enjoy deepthroating

Ally: I guess you don’t know me then 🙂

Lord Of Loads:not much, just sitting here wondering why the weekend is over and i still haven’t been throated 😛

Ally: haha

Lord Of Loads:whats up with you?

Lord Of Loads:haha, and no, i don’t know you, but i think i’m about to get to know you deeply 🙂

Ally: I’m just lying in bed wishing there was someone to help relieve my oral fixation 🙂

Lord Of Loads:mmm, i love an orally fixated girl

Lord Of Loads:how long has it been since you got your oral fix?

Lord Of Loads:we can continue this conversation while my cock is in your mouth, you can just stay laying there on your be

Lord Of Loads:bed*

Ally: mmmm you can straddle my chest and hold my hair 😉

Lord Of Loads:mm thank you i will do just that 🙂

Lord Of Loads:tell me what you look like, and dont forget to mention about the chest I am straddling

Lord Of Loads:i climb on top of you as my big dick tip rests against your chin

Ally: I’ve got a pic if you like 🙂

Lord Of Loads:mmm yes i like, please send it while i put my cock in your warm mouth

Ally: **Pic Link Removed**

Ally: weigh down my tongue with your gorgeous stiff cock 😉

Lord Of Loads:wow , amazing, you should never go without a cock in your mouth for long

Lord Of Loads:i pres it into your tongue, feeling it undulate under my rock hard cock

Ally: I try not too ;P

Ally: I wiggle my tongue on the underside of you cock

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Ally: lapping at it like a good girl

Lord Of Loads:mmm you are such a good girl

Lord Of Loads:i feel my cock coating with your saliva so i pull it out and slide back so i can rub my cock over your amazing tits

Lord Of Loads:leaving your mouth feel empty

Ally: :O

Lord Of Loads:after seeing that pic i couldnt help but rub my cock on your tits

Ally: I look up at you, with longing eyes as you take your cock from my mouth, leaving a bridge of my saliva

connecting your cock to my lips

Lord Of Loads:i stare into your eyes and your open mouth as i rub my wet cock tip over your nipples one at a time

Lord Of Loads:”aww why do you look so sad?” i ask you

Ally: “I want your cock in my throat and your balls on my chin”

Lord Of Loads:the second you say that i pull my cock from your tits and quickly shove it straight down your throat

Ally: not quite ready for you I gag as your cock hits my throat

Ally: it tightens round your head

Ally: I look up at you, shock in my eyes mixed with pleasure

Lord Of Loads:i shove it deep, your gag feels good on my shaft, i grip your hair and push all the way in till my heavy balls press

against your chin

Lord Of Loads:*shove

Lord Of Loads:(are you enjoying our chat as much as me?)

Ally: my pussy is soaking hun 😉

Lord Of Loads:good, keep rubbing it while we chat, and don’t cum without telling me, ok

Ally: ok 😉

Ally: It sends shivers down me every time I feel your balls slap against my chin

Lord Of Loads:my shaved, cum heavy balls slap against your chin as i thrust in and out of your perfect throat

Ally: I try and moan with each thrust but it comes up muffled and stupid but I don’t care because I love getting

my throatfucked 😉

Lord Of Loads:i grab your hair in my fingers, tugging on it as i fuck your face like a pussy, hard deep and fast

Lord Of Loads:in case you are wondering this is what i am shoving down your throat **Pic Link Removed**

Ally: mmmm I want to rap my lips around that gorgeous thing and feel it stretch out my throat

Ally: my face was meant to be fucked by that cock

Lord Of Loads:mmm yes it wasssss, i have been looking for you face for a while

Lord Of Loads:i pull my cock out of your mouth

Lord Of Loads:thick strings of saliva run from your mouth to the shaft, i hold it in my hand and rub it all over your pretty face

Lord Of Loads:feel free to send more pics for me to jerk to while we chat, i dont mind 😛

Lord Of Loads:how close are you to cumming?

Ally: **link removed**

Ally: getting close babe ‘)

Lord Of Loads:mmmm, so perfect, i want you in that position now

Lord Of Loads:holding the sides of your head with my strong hands

Lord Of Loads:fucking your face good

Ally: this sounds good

Lord Of Loads:my cock stretching your throat.

Ally: hold my hair up 😉

Ally: use it as a handle

Lord Of Loads:yes, pulling your hair up into a ponytail, gripping it and tugging on it as my cock goes into your mouth

Ally: mmm yes

Ally: fuck my face

Lord Of Loads:mmm yes

Ally: make me feel like a real woman

Lord Of Loads:your face is better than most girls pussies

Lord Of Loads:saliva drooling out your mouth as i fuck it good

Lord Of Loads:sloppy wet swishing noises fill the room

Ally: mmmm im so wet right now

Lord Of Loads:mmm i’m so hard for you

Ally: hold me down and make my mascara run

Lord Of Loads:i want you to be my personal face fucking toy

Ally: I’d fuck your cock with my throat no hands everyday

Lord Of Loads:holding you down, not letting your move, your eyes begin to water and your mascara starts to run

Lord Of Loads:mmmm, baby, i want your face to fuck multiple times a day

Lord Of Loads:i don’t even need your pussy to be happy, that your face pleasing my cock

Lord Of Loads:i push it all the way in, holding it there

Lord Of Loads:not moving it, i feel your throat close on it as you try to get air

Ally: im close 😉

Ally: I want your cum

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Lord Of Loads:mmmm yes, i love when you beg for my loads

Lord Of Loads:i love to hear it, wish i could hear your voice now

Lord Of Loads:you like big thick creamy sticky warm loads?

Ally: I love hot thick loads

Ally: especially if I get to swallow them

Lord Of Loads::) you are going to swallow it all

Lord Of Loads:you better not waste any

Lord Of Loads:i’m so close to exploding

Lord Of Loads:my cock throbbing and hard

Ally: I lean forward and grab your ass, I’m balancing on my knees forcing your cock down my throat and I bob


Ally: coaxing your cum out

Lord Of Loads:mmmm, the feeling of you trying to suck my cum out gets too intense

Lord Of Loads:i cant contol myself

Lord Of Loads:my cock pulsates hard

Lord Of Loads:my balls clench

Lord Of Loads:than suddenly i let out a deep groan as a thick strem of cum shoots out of my cock

Ally: I gulp it down

Lord Of Loads:mmm i feels you swallowing

Lord Of Loads:more cum shoots out

Lord Of Loads:pumping spurt after spurt of jizz down your throat

Ally: mmmmmm

Lord Of Loads:how does it make you feel to swallow a huge load?

Ally: perfect 🙂 thanks babe, hope to chat again sometime soon!


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