Betty, 21, USA – Chatting With A BJ Lovin’ Cumslut

When She’s board all she can think about is a thick cock in her little mouth..

Lord Of Loads: hello

Betty: hi

Lord Of Loads: asl

Betty: f 21

Betty: How are you Lord?

Lord Of Loads: not much, just sitting here in bed, hard, wishin i was getting a bj before sleep

Lord Of Loads: you?

Betty: in bed too, being bored

Lord Of Loads: would giving a bj break your boredom? 😛

Betty: haha maybe

Betty: is it thick?

Lord Of Loads: i’ve been told it is thick

Lord Of Loads: do you like having a thick one in your mouth?

Betty: mm yeah i love it

Betty: I like teasing the tip with my tongue first and then taking more in my mouth

Lord Of Loads: mmmm, i wish you were here right now teasing my sensitive head as i lay in bed

Lord Of Loads: its standing straight up right now

Betty: i’d lick the tip like a lollipop before taking more in

Betty: deepthroating it until i gag

Lord Of Loads: mmmm, it’d would swell in your warm wet mouth

Lord Of Loads: i’m tempted to show it to you

Betty: i would suck faster, my head going up and down

Betty: you’d grab my hair and hold my head down

Betty: making me take it all in

Lord Of Loads: mmm, i’d put my hands on the back of your head

Lord Of Loads: thrusting up into your throat

Betty: i’d be moaning and drooling all over because of ur thick cock

Betty: looking up at you from my knees with your hard cock in my mouth

Lord Of Loads: mmmm, i’d hold your head in my hands and start thrusting into your throat, fucking your pretty face

Betty: feeling your cock throb in my mouth all the way down my throat

Betty: choking on it

Lord Of Loads: mmmmm, yesss

Betty: playing with ur balls while i suck

Betty: licking the tip while stroking your throbbing cock

Betty: looking at u while i do it

Lord Of Loads: mmmm, rub it on your face

Betty: rubbing the head on my face, on my lips

Betty: licking it with my wet, warm tongue

Lord Of Loads: good girl

Betty: stroking it while i suck harder

Betty: taking it all in

Betty: it’s so thick it fills my mouth

Lord Of Loads: it feels so good in your mouth

Betty: i roll my tongue around the tip while looking at you

Betty: you hold my head down and make me deepthroat it

Lord Of Loads: precum drips from the tip coating your tongue

Betty: moving my head up and down, fucking my mouth

Betty: licking the precum from the tip and swallowing it

Lord Of Loads: fuck yes

Betty: looking up at u with your cock bulging in my cheeks

Betty: feeling it all the way down my throat as i gag

Lord Of Loads: your throat grips my cock as you gag

Betty: sucking faster, waiting for u to fill my mouth with ur cum

Lord Of Loads: i push it in deeper

Betty: i lick it all over, feeling it throb in my wet mouth

Betty: my eyes are watering as you push it deeper

Lord Of Loads: i pull it out as you gasp for air and i rub it all over your face

Lord Of Loads: so hard and so close to exploding

Lord Of Loads: i want you to beg for my cum

Betty: you slap it on my face, precum dripping

Betty: im begging you to cum in my mouth

Betty: my mouth is half open waiting for u

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Lord Of Loads: i feel the pressure in my balls building

Lord Of Loads: i quickly shove my thick cock down your throat

Lord Of Loads: stretching it as i goes in deep

Lord Of Loads: my cock suddenly convulses and explodes

Betty: ur balls slapping against my chin

Betty: cum filling my mouth

Betty: dripping down my chin

Lord Of Loads: mmmmmmm

Betty: i swallow it all while looking at u

Betty: licking every drop from ur cock

Lord Of Loads: i grunt as shot after shot of cum shoots out of my cock

Betty: shooting a load all over my face

Lord Of Loads: i feel you try to gulp it all down

Lord Of Loads: mmmmmmmm

Lord Of Loads: you look so sexy wearing my cucm on yoru face

Betty: i lick it from my chin and from ur cock swallowing every drop

Lord Of Loads: good girl

Lord Of Loads: my cock stays hard

Betty: do u want me to keep sucking or smth else? 😉

Lord Of Loads: hmmm, i want you to clean my cock with your mouth and tell me what you look like

Betty: im blonde, blue eyes, 5’5

Betty: c cup tits and a nice ass

Lord Of Loads: yummy

Lord Of Loads: i want you to lube up your tits so i can rub my cock all over them

Betty: rub your cock between my tits as i lick the tip

Lord Of Loads: mmm, yes, straddling your chest

Lord Of Loads: my cock gliding between your tits as you press them together

Betty: licking the head every time it comes close to my mouth

Betty: rubbing faster

Betty: pressing my tits tighter

Lord Of Loads: mmmmmmm, cock as hard as steel

Lord Of Loads: i slap my cock on yoru mouth than slap it on each nipple

Betty: i lick your cock clean, from the tip to ur balls

Lord Of Loads: mmmmm

Lord Of Loads: i want you to finger your tight pussy as i cum on your tits

Betty: i start fingering my pussy as ur about to cum all over my tits

Betty: it’s dripping wet

Lord Of Loads: i reach down and put my hand over yours as we both finger your pussy

Lord Of Loads: my other hand stroking my cock over your tits

Betty: your cock dripping precum as it’s about to explode

Lord Of Loads: i want you to make your pussy cum

Lord Of Loads: i’ll reward you with a load on your tits if you make your pussy cum fro me

Betty: im fingering it faster

Betty: rubbing my clit

Lord Of Loads: i pressing my cock tip on your nipples

Lord Of Loads: stroking it faster and faster

Lord Of Loads: the tip red and swollen so close to exploding

Betty: im fingering it faster until i cum

Lord Of Loads: mmm

Lord Of Loads: yessss

Lord Of Loads: i aim my cock at your tits and fire a huge thick stream of cum at them

Lord Of Loads: it sprays all over your tits and hits your face too

Betty: i lick it off my face, pressing my tits together

Lord Of Loads: rub it all over your tits

Betty: i rub it all over my tits, licking every drop off my face and from ur cock

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Lord Of Loads: mmm

Lord Of Loads: good girl

Lord Of Loads: my cock is satisfied

Betty: im glad 😉

Lord Of Loads: me too

Lord Of Loads: hows your pussy feel?

Betty: very wet and satisfied

Lord Of Loads: mmmm, wish i could taste it

Betty: I’ll let you lick it as I sleep

Lord Of Loads: Before I say good night I want you to say something to me

Betty: whats that baby? anything for you.

Lord Of Loads: Say “I Love the Lord Of Loads”

Betty: I Love you, my Lord Of Loads. 🙂

Lord Of Loads: Thank You Baby, Now you can go to sleep

Betty: Thank You, That was amazing. :*


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