Cumslut Cumfessions

Cumfessions – cum-fes-sion

/ Kum’feSHen /


Definition: a formal statement admitting that one is guilty of having an obsession with cum.

Example: “Today I went to the Lord Of Loads cumfession and told him that all I think about 24/7 is having my cute innocent face sprayed with thick hot sperm. I feel much better now that I cumfessed.”


The Lord Of Loads knows that it isn’t always easy having Cumslut thoughts running rampid through your mind. Its not like you can just go out in public yelling at the top of your lungs “I’m a True Cumslut!”. This is especially true for those cumsluts who have yet to come to terms with their dirty cum addiction. That’s why he’s set up this page here for all you naughty cumsluts to confess your cum crazed thoughts and finally get some relief.

You might not be ready to admit it but the fact that you stumbled upon this page proves that you really are a cumslut. So now’s not the time to be shy. Now is the time you let those cum craved thoughts out. You won’t be judged here, you will be excepted with open arms in the Lord Of Loads Kingdom of Cum. You  will feel a lot better about yourself after you Cumfess.


The Lord Of Loads is offering you 3 ways to Cumfess:

  1. Write to him telling him all about your love of cum, your desires, or a story where you fulfilled the role of a true cumslut. Tell him about your first cum experience or about one you hope to have soon. Say whatever you want and don’t be shy. Be descriptive and include as many dirty details you can think of. Click HERE to submit a Cumfessional.
  2. Schedule an appointment to chat with the Lord Of Loads directly through Skype or email. Click HERE to fill out the form and the Lord will get back to you as soon as he can to hear your Cumfession. Be patient the Lord has many cumsluts to attend to.
  3. Send in a video or audio clip of one of your cummiest adventures. Click HERE to submit now.

After your Cumfession is received it will be posted on our Tumblr page for all to see and comment on. Don’t worry, everything is 100% anonymous so you don’t have to worry about your boss or family member finding out you are a true cumslut.

So what are you waiting for? The time is now for you to have your first Lord Of Loads Cumfession!