Jill, 26, USA – Chatting with a Cumslut

From the start she was ready to chat about her love of big loads.


Lord Of Loads: hello

Lord Of Loads: i was hoping to find a pretty face that loves big loads all over i. Any idea where I could find one?

Jill: well i do like a big load on my face 😛 haha

Lord Of Loads: 🙂 haha oh really? than it sounds like you are the girl i’m looking for

Lord Of Loads: has it been a while since a guy unloaded on your face?

Jill:Its been a while since I’ve had a HUGE facial yeah haha

Jill:but i get facials quite a bit 🙂

Lord Of Loads: haha nice, how does it make you feel when a guy blows his load on your face?

Jill:i like it a lot

Jill:it feels pretty sexy!

Jill:i like when it kind of surprises me too

Jill:And TBH, the last few I had weren’t so big. Sometimes it makes me feel like the guy isn’t too into me when they aren’t big. I know it sounds weird but when a guy shoots a small load I feel like its my fault. Like I wasn’t pretty enough for him to give all he’s got.

Lord Of Loads: mmm sexy, i tend to shoot big loads, girls are usually surprised by their size. some don’t actually appreciate it

Jill:how big??

Lord Of Loads: if i haven’t cummed in days. They are really big, could easily cover a nice face and some tits too

Jill:**Pic Link Removed**

Jill:how much of my face do you think you could cover?

Lord Of Loads: wow is that really your face?

Lord Of Loads: its been a while since i covered a face that pretty

Jill: yes that’s really me haha

Lord Of Loads: i could easily coat 80% of your face with the first load. I have secret methods for producing big loads.

Jill:do you really think my face is pretty? ive been a little self-conscious lately 😛

Jill:and wow no way thats huge! Can you share your secret with the guys i date? lol, jk

Lord Of Loads: yes, a face that pretty deserves a huge load all over it. it deserves my load. it would be covered and dripping off your chin

Jill:mmm nice! are your load thick or liquidy?

Lord Of Loads: usually very thick and creamy white. if i cum too much in a week they can get a bit more watery. but thick whit creamy cum is usually what i shoot

Jill:mmm thats what i like! thats so hot

Lord Of Loads: you better tie your hair back because its going to be a lot of cum

Lord Of Loads: how does it make you feel to know the second i saw your face i got hard and now i’m stroking

Jill:that makes me feel pretty hot!

Jill:you can ask me anything if it helps turn you on btw

Jill:im a very very open girl 😛

Lord Of Loads: ok, when you are sucking a guy or when he is fucking you, do you tell him to cum on your face or do you just hope he does it?


Jill:sometimes i for sure tell them to

Lord Of Loads: when i hear a girl tell me to cum on her face i shoot the biggest loads

Jill:like what do you like them to tell you?

Lord Of Loads: anything along the lines of “shoot your load all over my pretty face” or “cover me in your cum baby”

Jill:mmm nice

Lord Of Loads: if i was there right now, about to explode, what would you say to me?

Jill:i would be stroking up and down your thighs with my nails and my other hand cradling your balls as you stroked over my face and i would be looking up at you almost begging “MMM baby cum for me, cover me with that nice hot thick cum, i want it to completely cover my pretty face”

Lord Of Loads: oh fuck yes baby, i almost exploded right now seeing you say that. mmmmm, i want to make you my facial toy. i’d show you how pretty your face is by spraying thick white cum all over it

Jill:mmmm please do baby

Jill:you stroking hard to me?

Lord Of Loads: yes i am, stroking, chatting, and looking at your pic, i wish you could see the load i am going to shoot for you

Jill:mmm thats hot

Jill:i cant believe you like to stroke to my pic

Lord Of Loads: you have any other pics of your sexy face and body you want to tease me with? i could explode any minute but i’m holing on, building a big load, and wanting this to last with you

Lord Of Loads: god baby, i would cum to a pic of your face every day if you let me

Lord Of Loads: i love stroking to your pics

Jill:**Pic Link Removed**

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Jill:which of us do you like more i really wont care if you say her just be honest

Lord Of Loads: god you are both super cute


Lord Of Loads: i could easily cover both of you

Jill:which do you think is hotter?

Lord Of Loads: fuck, to be honest i want to make the girl in the blue top wear my load on her pretty face

Lord Of Loads: which one is you?

Jill:the blue top, did you not recognize me?

Lord Of Loads: wow you are way hotter, you have better skin, nice cheeks, sexy lips, all perfect places to put my cum

Lord Of Loads: i wasn’t sure if that was you or not

Jill:does my other photo not look like me? haha

Lord Of Loads: it does, but its a little different, both are sexy, both photos deserve my load

Lord Of Loads: you wouldn’t even need to suck me, i could easily just stroke my cock while looking at you and explode

Jill:like you could cum if i just gave you a little show?

Lord Of Loads: yessss, for sure, i know i could cum hard if you gave me a little show

Lord Of Loads: you ever done that before? gave a guy a show just so he would cum for you?

Jill:yeah a few times

Lord Of Loads: you are kind of doing it for me now with your words and pics

Lord Of Loads: where in the usa did you say you were? i really need a place to put this load . 😛

Jill:haha michigan

Lord Of Loads: haha, ok

Lord Of Loads: what do your tits look like? i cant tell from the pic

Jill:they are about 32 C

Lord Of Loads: wow perfect size, not too big not too small. could i cum on them too please


Jill:did you cum to me?

Lord Of Loads: not yet, getting close

Jill:mmm you going to ask me some more questions to get you off?

Lord Of Loads: when did you realize you liked facials

Jill:when i was around 17

Lord Of Loads: how did it happen

Jill:well i had gotten a few facials before but it was my first big one with a guy after a party and i just really liked the feeling

Lord Of Loads: do your friends know you like facials

Jill:a few yeah

Jill:most of the guys i hook up with consistently do 😛

Lord Of Loads: haha i bet

Jill:do you like your balls getting licked?

Lord Of Loads: yes love it, i keep them shaved for that purpose

Jill:mmm nice i like sucking on balls quite a bit

Lord Of Loads: can you deepthroat?


Jill:7 inches is around my gag reflex

Lord Of Loads: wow good, i’m 7in and thick

Jill:mmm nice!

Jill:not too thick to fit in my cute little mouth though right?

Lord Of Loads: no, your mouth would be perfect

Lord Of Loads: and i just might have to thrust away a bit to get it deeper

Jill:mmm i wouldn’t mind a little thrusting

Lord Of Loads: would you mind if i held your head?

Jill:not at all

Jill:like face fucking?

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Lord Of Loads: yes, i would love to fuck your pretty face

Jill:mmm hot

Jill:do you watch a lot of porn?

Lord Of Loads: recently yes, you?

Jill:i do watch it more than other girls i feel like

Jill:did you cum?

Lord Of Loads: Yes a huge load, all for you

Jill:mmm thank you, it makes me feel good to get such a huge load from a stranger.


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